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prebit Exklusive
THOA table

Cool elegance and warming comfort - that’s what the new THOA lamp from prebit promises. The name was inspired by the Norse god Thor, the design of iridescent ice and the mild light of warming fire. The portable light is a result of many years of experience in the manufacture of special lights for mega yachts:

Equipped with the sophisticated dim2warm® lighting technology, it is an elegant looking and practical accessory for cozy hours on board. No matter where it stands or hangs, it draws a fascinating play of light in its surroundings - almost like a diamond that is illuminated. Thanks to dim2warm® technology, dimming not only changes the brightness, but also the color of the light – it gets warmer. You will never be dazzled, even at full brightness, and the further you dim THOA, the more comfortable the light will be - right up to a candlelight atmosphere.

prebit Exklusive
THOA table

Kühle Eleganz und wärmende Behaglichkeit – das bietet die neue Leuchte THOA. Inspiriert wurde der Name vom nordischen Gott Thor, das Design von schillerndem Eis und dem milden Licht wärmenden Feuers.
Die tragbare Leuchte ist ein Resultat aus langjähriger Erfahrung bei der Herstellung von Sonderleuchten für Megayachten:

Ausgestattet mit der ausgeklügelten dim2warm-Lichttechnik, ist sie ein edel anzusehendes und praktisches Accessoire für gemütliche Stunden an Bord. Egal, wo sie steht oder hängt, sie zeichnet ein faszinierendes
Lichtspiel in ihrer Umgebung – beinahe wie ein Diamant, der angestrahlt wird. Dank der dim2warm-Technik verändert sich beim Dimmen nicht nur die Helligkeit, sondern auch die Farbe des Lichts – es wird wärmer.
Dabei werden Sie auch bei voller Helligkeit niemals geblendet und je weiter Sie THOA herunterdimmen, desto gemütlicher wird das Licht – bis hin zur Kerzenschein-Atmosphäre.

Portable rechargeable LED light
with innovtive dim2warm®-technology


Touch Sensor

A gentle touch: When dimming, the color temperature of the light changes and the comfort factor in the room increases.


Elaborately designed glass

No matter where it stands or hangs, it draws a fascinating play of light in its surroundings - almost like a diamond that is illuminated.


High quality

Made in Germany: Only the best materials and manufacturing processing are used for prebit® lights.


Integrated inductive charger

THOA shines for you for many hours. Before you go to bed, however, you should take them to their charging station so that they are ready for their next use can recharge. This happens overnight by induction without annoying cables and plugs.


More exclusivity THOA with battery and dim2warm® technology



Product examples
for you


What is special about the dim2warm® technology?

Until now, the LED light became noticeably cooler when dimmed. With the new dim2warm® technology, prebit has developed different luminaire models with warm tone dimming: A colour temperature control (from 3000 - 2200 K) now ensures that the light has a warmer colour temperature when dimmed. This creates a feel-good atmosphere in your rooms, just like candlelight - cosy and simply to feel good.

Does the light have to be protected from rain?
How many hours can I use the light with a fully charged battery?
Can I change the LED in the lamp myself?

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