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prebit sunlike technologie

SunLike Technology - Full Spectrum

With the new SunLike technology from the LED manufacturer SOUEL Semiconductor, prebit has an innovative full-spectrum LED series available, whose light is close to sunlight and perfectly attuned to the human biorhythm. This natural light spectrum with extremely high CRI - without blue peaks offers the best light quality at the moment. The “Blue Peak” in standard LED is widely discussed in public media.

Due to the strong reduction of the „Blue Peak“ (high blue-light-spectrum of normal LEDs) the effects of artificially generated light on eyes, concentration and biorhythm are particularly positively influenced.

The natural light of the sun has been used as prototype for the development.
With the SunLike LEDs it is now possible to imitate almost the entire spectrum of natural sunlight for the first time.
  The result is a particularly healthy light, with a CRI> 95. Therefore, colours and structures of objects appear as in natural light.

The SunLike LED combines the advantage of natural light and minimizes the disadvantages of artificial light sources. The human eye tolerates only a certain amount of blue light. If this amount is too high, the additionally recorded blue light scatters. This scattered light then appears diffuse. Result: The contrast and colour of the objects are slightly distorted.

Excessive blue light can overstimulate retinal cells in the eye. Occasionally, eye problems and concentration problems may occur. The SunLike LED displays a spectrum of light almost the same like from the sun. In the process, the color and the texture of an object, both are displayed naturally. The negative effects of excessive blue light on the eye or the human biorhythm are eliminated.

SunLike LEDs have been installed in selected prebit luminaires since 2019.
spectrum normaal LED
Spectrum sunlike LED
LED sunlike symbol prebit


Alle armaturen en componenten die met dit symbool zijn gemarkeerd, zijn nu ook verkrijgbaar in SunLike-technologie.