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Privacy Policy

Disclaimer of liability

www.prebit.de was set up with maximum care. In spite of that, prebit GmbH cannot issue any guarantee that www.prebit.de and its services are always available, and that the specifications included are complete and correct. Links to other Internet pages are also offered on www.prebit.de. prebit GmbH assumes no liability for the content of these Internet pages. The owners of these Internet pages do not necessarily have links or other business relationships with prebit GmbH. prebit GmbH excludes every liability for damages that arise, directly or indirectly, from the use of www.prebit.de, insofar as this cannot be attributed to intent or gross negligence on the part of prebit GmbH. Damage compensation claims are limited to typical foreseeable damage. Prebit GmbH has the right at all times to carry out changes to www.prebit.de or the services offered there. It also has the right at all times to block access to www.prebit.de and/or parts of their system, to limit the use in part or completely, as well as to apply other measures that appear necessary.

Industrial property rights
All rights (e.g. copyright, patents, author and brand rights) with respect to the information/services offered in www.prebit.de remain the property of prebit GmbH and their licensors. It is forbidden to use information or brands of www.prebit.de, to duplicate, process, modify, further-process, publish or download them, unless it associated with the usual use of www.prebit.de or is explicitly permitted. Insofar as not indicated differently, all brand names in www.prebit.de are brand protected legally. This applies in particular to the name and the logo of prebit GmbH, or also for brand names of third parties. As a result of the use of www.prebit.de, no license is given for the use of industrial property rights or intellectual property of prebit GmbH or third parties.

Data protection declaration
Prebit GmbH respects the privacy of every person who visits this website. We use data sent to us (including your name, your address, your telephone number and your e-mail address) exclusively for the purpose of processing your inquiries. With your access to www.prebit.de, information can be stored about the access (date, time, page viewed) on our server. This data is used exclusively for statistical objectives. Evaluations are implemented in anonymized form only. If you send us an e-mail, your e-mail address and your personal data are employed only for individual correspondence with you. With your access to www.prebit.de, certain data (usually designated as "cookies") can be stored on your computer, these do not include any personal data. This data facilitates the use of www.prebit-light.de. If you wish, you can prevent the storage of such data on your computer or delete such data (as to how to proceed in this case, please refer to the support in your computer software). All personal data is stored only for so long as is necessary for the designated objectives, and is not transferred to third parties.

Public process register
On request we inform you in writing, according to the applicable law, as to whether and which personal data about you are stored with us. We have collated the information in our public process register according to BDSG §4e.

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