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FAQ: Technology and quality - The BOAT LIGHT lexicon

Viewing angle: The prebit® model with lens optics bundles light with more or less intensity. Using the graphics, select the approp - riate lens for your operation.

abstrahl10  abstrahl25   abstrahl44

All prebit® lights are ready for 10 to 30 volt connec - tion. You simply have to connect the light with the power supply (DC direct voltage).

Binning: With the best light-emitting diodes it is unavoidable that there light color differences can arise which only become visible in direct comparison. Therefore the manufacturers must indicate in which areas the light color of their products is dispersed. This division into finely graded classes is called „ANSI binning“.
A much finer gradation is subject to the MacAdam ellipses, which were named after the US scientist David MacAdam. The unit for this is called „SDCM“, an abbreviation of the term „Standard Deviation of Colour Matching“.


You can not even see a color differences within one stage of MacAdam ellipses when looking directly into the lamp. Two to three levels (<= 3 SDCM) are regarded as „barely perceptible“.
Light sources usually are not considered directly, but act mainly through their reflections on the surfaces. the subjective differences cancel each other out. Therefore, a value of 3 SDCM is at LED lamps already above average, for the most common applications is 5 SDCM even fully sufficient.
The 3SDCM light-emitting diodes carefully selected by prebit® do not indicate any color differences to the human eye. Also when they are sold on later.

All prebit® lights can be dimmed with a soft key. The power consumption is always reduced with lessening luminous intensity: If a 3W LED illuminates with only 50%, it requires only half the current.

Electronics: The electronic control is an internal development of prebit® , coordinated to light and operationand will be produced in-house.

Final assembly: Every individual light has exceptional quality and is therefore produced exclusively in our own manufacturing facilities at our prebit® headquarters in Rheinbach.

Guarantee: We give a three year guarantee of function and processing of our LED‘s, in accordance with our conditions.

Glass screens: These are still produced in old handcraft tradition. Small irregularities make every glass an original item.

Multiple series: See Teamwork.

Lifetime: Our LED‘s last for approximately 50,000 hours. After that they are not scrap, only their luminosity is decreased. Over this period of time you would have had to replace approximately 50 bulbs or twelve halogen lamps.




LED (light-emitting diode): A l ight e mitting d iode is an electronic semiconductor component which can radiate light if a voltage is applied. LED‘s are small, energy-saving and extremely long- lived. Requiring only the least amount of space, they radiate scarcely any heat in the lighting direction, as well as emitting no ultraviolet or infrared radiation.

Last condition:
All prebit® dimmable lights remember their ambient light level on switching off, and the next time they switch to exactly the same intensity. This also applies if the lights are isolated from the mains supply using a control panel or a light switch.

Light fixture body: The wall fixtures are of solid brass - durable enough for a long light fixture life. The light heads with LED circuit boards are also extensively produced in aluminum in order to meet our demands on heat dissipation and durability.

Light efficiency: High-power LED‘s of the latest generation have really taken over to a great extent in comparison with bulbs and fluorescent lamps. The overriding efficiency of the LED is evident when a comparison is made of the brightness (l = lumen) with the energy consumed (W = watt): Hardly any other illuminant for living space converts so much energy into light than the LED.


Light color:
Is LED light unattractive? This no longer applies to high-quality light-emitting diodes! Their heat-white light color (ww) is as comfortable as halogen light.

Light quality: A decisive factor here is the selection of the diodes, their electronic control and their position in the light fixture body, however also the shape and structuring of the light head or screen. In a word: Good light requires care and experience.

Made in Germany: We use high-class German workmanship with our metal processing, electroplating, glassworks and manufacture.

Memory-function: All prebit® dimmable lights remember their ambient light level on switching off, and the next time they switch to exactly the same intensity. This also applies if the lights are isolated from the mains supply using a control panel or a light switch.

Surfaces: Perfect coatings of chrome or gold protect the light fixture bodies and guarantee an elegant appearance.

Red-white switchable: Some prebit® models can be changed from white to red light. Red light is less blinding and is therefore recommended when traveling at night.

Software: This is indispensable for the electronics to know what to do. We develop the software and program our lights ourselves. This mainly enables particular ease of operation, which is so desired by the boat light customer.

Power consumption: The energy demand of LED‘s is a multiple less than bulbs or halogen lamps. You can replace a 20W halogen lamp with a 3W prebit LIGHT, with a 9 W intensity D2 you can replace a 75W bulb (see also light efficiency).

Drivers: Power LED‘s are basically operated with constant-current sources (driver) which supply the exactly required amperage (A), while the voltage (V) fluctuates within the tolerance range of LED‘s. With a constant voltage, the maximum admissible amperage would be exceeded and the power LED‘s destroyed In case of prebit® BOAT LIGHTS, the driver is already integrated.