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prebit Premium
R1-1 dim2warm

An atmosphere like by candlelight: With the new dim2-warm technology, prebit has developed a series of lights that creates the perfect mood in the room according to your wishes.
With a light press on the integrated soft button, the high-quality color temperature control ensures a warmer color temperature.
While the LED light is dimmed so gently, the cosiness factor increases in your rooms and nothing stands in the way of the perfect evening of wellbeing.


LED light
with innovative dim2warm technology

Soft button

A gentle pressure: when dimmed, the color temperature of the luminaire changes and the comfort factor in the room increases.



Ready for connection: the entire prebit® range of lights is suitable for 9 to 32 volt connections.


High quality

Made in Germany: only the best materials and manufacture are used for prebit® lights.


Integrated USB charger

Integrated: The practical USB charger is suitable for charging smartphones and tablets, but also other electronic devices that can be charged via USB and require a high charging current.

More exclusivity
LED series R1-1 with dim2warm technology




white satin finish
wenge brown

USB charger

3000 mA

Designed for charging the latest generation of smartphones and tablets.

Product examples
for you



What is special about the dim2warm technology?

Until now, the LED light was noticeably cooler when dimmed. With the new dim2warm technology, prebit has developed different luminaire models with warm tone dimming: A color temperature control (from 3000 - 2200 K) now ensures that the light receives a warmer color temperature when it is dimmed. This creates a feel-good atmosphere in your rooms as if by candlelight - cozy and just to feel good.

Do I need voltage stabilization?
Can I also charge an iPad with the USB charger?
Can I retrofit a USB charger?
Can I change the LED in the light myself?
Do the lights keep their last setting?

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