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Switching and Dimming lights in groups

A good team works together perfectly. prebit lights with the teamwork icon (GROUP) are a good team and make your operation particularly easy:

All lights with a GROUP icon can be switched and dimmed in groups. This works even if you mix lights from various series. You only need a single MASTER-light (or our dimmer module LD200), which can be expanded with up to 20 SLAVE-lights. The MASTER-light controlls all connected SLAVE-lights synchronously and reliably.

You have the choice between a MASTER-light for white light only (labeled by -2) and a MASTER-light for switching between white and colored light (labeled by -3 MASTER). In the latter case, the white LEDs in the group turn off when you switch the MASTER -3 to colored light. If you need multiple switchable lights in a group, models in the series -3 SLAVE are available.

For convenient operation it is possible to connect any external push button switch with the MASTER lamp. Thereby you can operate the lights-group centrally or set up a two-way circuit.


EB12-2 (Master) in group:


EB12-3 (Master) in group:


Connection examples

xx-2 Master with xx-1 Slave lights, only white light
Teamwork 3  
xx-3 Master with xx-3 Slave lights, white light, switchable to colored night light
xx-3 Master in combination with Slave-lights xx-1 and xx-3, white an switchable lights mixed


All lights and components marked with this symbol can be used in teamwork.